Carl’s Jr. – Free Condiments and Drink Refills!

Yeah, if Carl’s Jr. was known for that, they’d be out of business. I got really excited when I first ate at the Vivocity branch – they have REAL BACON, unlike the Malaysian franchises. Not that chicken, beef, or turkey bacon crap. Real PIGS died for this burger!


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Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar – Original is Best?

I went to my first Fat Boy’s in Kuala Lumpur – the flagship burger joint was located at the middle-aged hipster cranny of Solaris Publika, located at Mont Kiara. It got popular quickly due to its pork burgers. Non-Muslim Malaysians and expats are usually the quickest to lap up the next pork craze.

The first time I went, I thought it deserved some mention. The portions were generous for the price and the beef patties were seasoned well. Nothing to shout about the fries, which were frozen crinkle cuts and woefully undersalted.

Now, I wouldn’t go near it even if you paid me to. The past two times I went, the patties were dry and flavorless.

So how did the original Singapore version go?


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I’ve been crazy about burgers for a long time, so why not catalogue my burger adventures? Burgers should be considered a food group – in one single handful, you get carbs, protein, fibre, sodium, sugars…you get the picture. I suppose sandwiches count as a half burger too, but not as satisfying.

I will probably document other non-burger food journeys as well…we’ll see how it goes.

No burger is too big or small for this blog, so let’s get started!