Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar – Original is Best?

I went to my first Fat Boy’s in Kuala Lumpur – the flagship burger joint was located at the middle-aged hipster cranny of Solaris Publika, located at Mont Kiara. It got popular quickly due to its pork burgers. Non-Muslim Malaysians and expats are usually the quickest to lap up the next pork craze.

The first time I went, I thought it deserved some mention. The portions were generous for the price and the beef patties were seasoned well. Nothing to shout about the fries, which were frozen crinkle cuts and woefully undersalted.

Now, I wouldn’t go near it even if you paid me to. The past two times I went, the patties were dry and flavorless.

So how did the original Singapore version go?


Well, the Fat Boy’s at Far East Plaza isn’t exactly original – it’s a newish, low-frills concept compared to the original Fat Boy’s, but hey, I’m eating in Singapore, the birthplace of … Fat Boy’s.


The new concept has been reviewed to death, so I won’t bore you. It’s got a self-serve iPad menu where you select your bun, protein, and toppings before you pay for it. The bar also sits 12 or so people, so either go early or late. I went at 7.30 and there were only 5 people there.

I was feeling quite cheap – I’m low on my budget and a normal cheeseburger was already $7.50. So I decided to go for that and see what free toppings I could score. If you can’t get the basics right, I guess I have my answer, hey?


Service was speedy – I got my freshly grilled burger in 10 minutes, wrapped in wax paper, served in a plastic black tray basket. Fat Boy’s was having a Monday promo (free bacon for every burger), so I got that together with my beef patty. I chose a brioche bun, cheddar cheese, all the free sides – pickles, tomatoes, shredded lettuce – and free mayo.


Alright, it’s not a good-looking burger. For a first post, it’s disappointing. To be fair, I had a fair-sized slice of nicely cooked bacon that was the size of the bun, and the patty seemed juicy.


OK dude, it’s not bad. That is one ugly burger, but for $7.50, it warrants an occasional return. The beef was nicely seasoned, savory and moist, packed well, and held its shape without being too dense. The brioche was a little stale, but nicely buttered. The cheddar was also artfully melted all over the patty. Every time I bit into my burger, the juices rolled down my fingers and pooled on the wax paper. See, this is what brioche is for – I unceremoniously flattened my bun on the juices and soaked it all up. No other bun can do this as well as brioche.


The mayo amount was just nice – I hate over-topped burgers, but it could’ve used a pinch more lettuce and two fewer pickles.

You could go crazy with the toppings here, but the basic burger was already quite large so I’d say be careful with your toppings. There’s no point going top heavy if everything is going to slide out. You want that perfect bite with your burger, so I reckon a basic burger with two toppings max would be nice (also, let’s be honest – that’s how they make money, by charging you an arm for additional toppings. $1 for special sauce? NO!)

Worth an occasional visit, provided they maintain the beef patty as it is.


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