Carl’s Jr. – Free Condiments and Drink Refills!

Yeah, if Carl’s Jr. was known for that, they’d be out of business. I got really excited when I first ate at the Vivocity branch – they have REAL BACON, unlike the Malaysian franchises. Not that chicken, beef, or turkey bacon crap. Real PIGS died for this burger!


Now, if CJ had hot mustard as a condiment, that would be perfect. I’m still grateful that they have salsa, pickled chillis, onions, and other condiments to go with the standard ketchup and chilli sauce.


My friend ordered a chicken tenders burger with buttermilk dressing. Her verdict: Not bad, but needs more buttermilk. Needs to be dripping and messy. It was fresh! Who ever heard of fast food chain burgers being fresh? Not bad at all.

The fries however were a little disappointing, in my friend’s opinion. She mentioned that the ones in Malaysia were thick-cut, unlike these ones. I found the fries to be standard fast-food fries. Each fry was crispy and the skin-on-fry was a nice touch to the blandness of typical shoestring fries.


I had a double western cheeseburger with bacon. PIG bacon.


Savor the view of the chicken tenders burger. It’s definitely better-looking than the cheeseburger. There are two tenders, nicely battered, with a large tomato slice and some lettuce. More dressing please!


And here’s the cheeseburger. It looks sad. Why do my first two cheeseburgers not ooze sexiness? I need a new camera I think.


One way to spice it up, literally and figuratively. The salsa was sweet, sour, and savory, and provided a nice taste contrast to the almost gamey taste of the patties.

The patties were standard fast food fare, seasoned decently but for some reason retained a raw, beefy aftertaste which was somewhat unpleasant. I barely tasted the breaded onion rings, which were placed below the patties. Maybe they should’ve been moved to the top of the burger?


The cheese however was superbly melted all over the patties and still retained its overall integrity. The bacon slice was surprisingly crispy; a shade better than the one at Fat Boy’s too.


That said, I wish I could justify paying $9.50 for my ala carte burger. The beef quality is, well, it’s fast food quality (no, I haven’t tried the Thickburger yet) and I think mine needed more time on the grill. For the taste, I’d rather buy a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and fry up some bacon – I’d still get the same taste without the aftertaste.

Ah Carl’s Jr. Even the pig bacon couldn’t save you. Is this your way of telling me that I need to try the Thickburger (100% Angus beef, etc) instead?


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