Two Blur Guys – It’s Kinda OK, But Not Worth the Hype

It is a little disappointing when you come to a place that’s apparently ranked as one of the top 10 burger joints in Singapore. I was expecting a lot more.

It’s a mid-range burger joint with the basic cheeseburger (Prime Beef) starting at $13.95+. Two Blur Guys also offer craft beers and desserts which are apparently made in-house.


True to form, I ordered a Prime Beef burger which came with 100% US natural pure beef, gruyere cheese, and homemade truffle mayo. My friend ordered the chicken burger and added $5.50 to top it up to a set meal, which comes with a selected dessert and iced lemon tea/coffee/tea.

This is where kerfuffle 1 started. Look at the menu below. The drinks menu.


In case it’s too small, basically the iced lemon tea is more expensive than a soft drink. My friend is a Coke-head (haha, pun) and wanted to change the iced lemon tea to a Coke. She was even willing to top-up whatever additional amount that was required to change from a more expensive drink to a cheaper drink. The staff flat out refused. Why such an inflexible policy? Hello, your iced lemon tea is more expensive than a Coke, and you have a customer who’s not just willing to pay the full $5.50 – she’ll top-up, if needed, so that she can drink something that’s CHEAPER than what you offer! And apparently, the iced lemon tea is watered down. WATERED DOWN OKAY?


The burgers do look quite pretty though. I ordered mine medium. Every burger order comes with a potato salad and mesclun salad, dressed in balsamic vinegar.


This potato salad – I’ll grant that it was quite good. It had the right amount of dressing on it and I think they mixed it with some chicken salt, which gave it more of a savory depth as opposed to salt alone. The mayo wasn’t overpowering (hah, you can tell that I don’t really like mayo – something about the globby texture kinda freaks me out), and it was really nicely seasoned. I’d be happy to actually order this on its own.


The cheese was nicely melted over the patty and you can see that it’s a nice medium. When I cut into the burger, the juices flowed out and I thought, “OK, I can overlook the silly, inflexible drink change policy for the set menu” and gleefully dug in.


OK, good things first: Cheese melt = very nice. Food porn material. The truffle mayo was just right. Any more and it would be overpowering – it is a prime beef burger y’all, not a TRUFFLE MAYO BURGER. I think the truffle thing in Singapore is also overplayed – some people don’t realize that truffles can be overpowering and it’s NOT THE POINT for you to just taste truffle in your mouth when it’s paired with a dish.

The bad part? Sorry, Two Blur Guys, your burger kinda disappoints. The patty tastes like a meatball, which to be honest, may not be that bad but I’m eating a burger patty – not a meatball. It was also dry on some parts, which led me to question, “Where did the juices come from?”.  Specifically, some spots near the edges of the patty were a bit dry, and so was the middle. My friend said her chicken burger was OK, but the patty had skin on it. Come to think of it, fried chicken skin = awesome. Grilled chicken skin that’s slathered with curry mayo = soggy and gelatinous in texture. Probably not a great idea.

The bread bun was nothing special – was a bit dry  as well.


Your dessert selection for the set meal option will be woefully limited. The brownie was chocolatey and moist, but not warm enough.

So dudes. This is my take. For $13.95 (not including 10% tax), I’d rather pay a lot more for a good burger at Jones (well, that was what I remembered – I’ll visit Jones again and see if it’s as good as I remembered), or pay a lot less and have it done my way (ala Fat Boy’s). This place is overhyped, you come out smelling like burger grill, and the weird thing is…when we were in there, there was an unpleasant, dirty smell that wafted from the grill – kinda like being next to a bin.

Obviously not going back again.


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