Worth the Kraze?

I first tried Kraze Burgers at Marina Bay Sands, because, you know, burgers.
Forget about their advertising. Once you try to make a burger a ‘healthy’ burger, or market it as one, I’ll dismiss you. Scornfully. But I will still try your burger. Because burgers.

I totally was not feeling it. All I remembered was a burger, maybe a measly salad, and that’s it. The patty was so dry, the wheat bun was so dry, everything was just ARGH YOU’RE A LOUSY BURGER. Swore it off. Until my colleagues decided to up and hop to Plaza Singapura’s new wing to try the Kraze Burger joint there. Oh well, in a crowd, I don’t pipe up. We went for lunch and availed of the lunch promo.


This was where things started looking up. Being the glutton I am, I opted for a Mega Bite/Byte(?) or something along those lines. You know, double patties, instead of going with the preset lunch menu set (which came with a soup and drink). Was prepared to pay the $14 or $16 or so ala carte because I was that hungry. Guess what? Lunch ala carte orders also came with a soup and a drink! Duuuuude, value!

Soup: Chicken, with real chicken strips. Watered down. Meh, but it came with the 16 bucks or so that I was paying. That’s OK.

Drink: It’s a drink, you can’t mess it up that badly. Luckily so.

Burger: I shared that the wheat bun I tried at MBS was dry, so everyone was prepared to go for the normal bun. However, the normal bun was gonna take 20 minutes to prepare (what?). Fine, let’s go for the wheat bun. The bun was surprisingly softer than what I tried at MBS. You know what else was a surprise? The rather OK side salad and a side serving of sweet tater fries. DUDE. I wonder if this is only available during weekday lunches. Plaza Sing ain’t too busy during this time.

However, that was where the party ended. The double patties were very dry and crumbly, and the lettuce leaf, albeit large and generous, was merely folded and stacked rather unceremoniously on top of the burger. Anyway, I kept those thoughts to myself, until…

FREE BATTERED MUSHROOMS. ON THE HOUSE. No way! TWO servings! We were a group of 8 so it was very generous of Kraze Burgers Plaza Sing, and the shrooms were freshly fried up. These ones, I don’t mind. It wasn’t oily and had a very nice crunch, served with a side of mayo.

I am so torn about this place. I wouldn’t visit for the burgers, but the service is beyond expectations. Is there anything good at Kraze that I should try out?


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