Worth the Kraze?

I first tried Kraze Burgers at Marina Bay Sands, because, you know, burgers.
Forget about their advertising. Once you try to make a burger a ‘healthy’ burger, or market it as one, I’ll dismiss you. Scornfully. But I will still try your burger. Because burgers.

I totally was not feeling it. All I remembered was a burger, maybe a measly salad, and that’s it. The patty was so dry, the wheat bun was so dry, everything was just ARGH YOU’RE A LOUSY BURGER. Swore it off. Until my colleagues decided to up and hop to Plaza Singapura’s new wing to try the Kraze Burger joint there. Oh well, in a crowd, I don’t pipe up. We went for lunch and availed of the lunch promo.


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I’ve been crazy about burgers for a long time, so why not catalogue my burger adventures? Burgers should be considered a food group – in one single handful, you get carbs, protein, fibre, sodium, sugars…you get the picture. I suppose sandwiches count as a half burger too, but not as satisfying.

I will probably document other non-burger food journeys as well…we’ll see how it goes.

No burger is too big or small for this blog, so let’s get started!